The simple things in life

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Another post about Daniel’s birthday but then I’m done I promise!

Its the simple things in life that really count and one of the distinct advantages of being so close to Daniel’s school is that I’m able to partake in all the fun things such as his birthday ring.

It was so special to be there and my mom was also able to come.

All the kids sit in a circle and they learn about birthdays. They count the “candles” (made out of a toilet roll ) and then they sing happy birthday. On the hip hip hurray my darling ginger raise his hands and shouts at the top of his voice HURRAY! He takes such pleasure in the simple things too 🙂

IMG_8312 (1280x853) (1024x682)

IMG_8317 (1280x853) (1024x682)

We all then went outside and had cake and flings.

Its a such a silly thing and no great shake, but it was just awesome that i could be there to do it ….and to see his look of absolute joy made it all worth itIMG_8340 (853x1280) (682x1024) IMG_8335 (1280x853) (1024x682)


5 comments on “The simple things in life

  1. jenty says:

    LOL love the last pic 🙂

  2. shan says:

    Enjoy every MINIT !!! Xxx

  3. Nina says:

    Such a cutie, Lauren! Happy birthday to your little one 🙂

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