Daniel’s 2nd birthday Airplane Party

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I know it was three weeks ago but I still wanted to share a few moments with you from the Ginger’s 2nd birthday party.

What a lovely day. We kept it small and I’m so glad we did because the kids all played together and we really got to chat to everyone.

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The theme was Airplanes or Lee-lows as my darling Daniel calls them. He is just obsessed with them so it was really easy to please.

Daniels 2nd birthday

IMG_8412 (1280x853) (1024x682)      IMG_8406 (1280x853) (1024x682)IMG_8405 (1280x853) (1024x682)

I made baby planes for the kids out of lolly sticks , which I personalised and then filled the party packs with all the usual goodies.

IMG_8390 (1280x853) (1024x682)IMG_8409 (1280x853) (1024x682)
My sister did the cake (ordered it that is 🙂 ) It was a sponge vanilla base and the airplanes was chocolate. I was absolutely heavenly but we didn’t touch sides on it , so a nice big piece is saved in the freezer for Christmas when Granny and Grandpa come to visit.

IMG_8424 (1280x853) (1024x682)

My BFF came down for the day. One of the advantages of being a pilot and being able to jumpseat. She also spoilt Daniel rotten and we added two new additions to the family….two goldfish , Leelow and Copter (short for helicopter) Are you surprised by the names 

IMG_8486 (1280x853) (1024x682)

The kids had a fabulous time playing the little pool. Daniel loved his birthday calling it “my happy” and when we sang and shouted hip hip hurray he raises his arms in the air (learnt from school )

IMG_8452 (1280x853) (1024x682) IMG_8443 (853x1280) (682x1024)

His blowing skills need practice and needed a little assistance in blowing out his candle which he received from his Aunty Za

All in all is was an stunning day and so lovely to be able to celebrate two amazing years for an amazing child!



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