Drakensberg….need I say more


One of the perks of being in Durban is that we have the Drakensberg on our doorstep. It was quite funny because we booked one our annual weekend away in the Berg this year…..We booked it way before we had made the descision to move to Durban so it was quite ironic that we’d chosen a location close to our new home…..

We asked Richards folks to join us and it was so lovely to see them. Their last visit was over easter. Daniel just loved seeing them and spending time with them.


It was a pretty chilled weekend. I was feeling really flat still from the week before and hospital bout so it was perfect not to have to do anything.


On the Saturday we walked down to the dam and went on the pedal boats. Quite a walk!! Ask Rich who had to carry the ginger!!!



Then on Sunday we really just chilled. I flaked and had a 3 hours sleep. Lucky I had sets of hands to look after the ginger……

Sadly we had to leave and come home but we’ll definitely be back in the berg soon. Dunno if we’ll go back to Cayley’s Lodge again. It was lovely but it’s not right for a little person. We’ve been to a few places where Daniel had lots to do. Cayleys lodge is lovely but doesn’t have a lot for a toddler to do….Will look at something like Drakensburg Gardens or something like that.



4 comments on “Drakensberg….need I say more

  1. Ahh… how awesome. We recently stayed at The Bend Country House in the Midlands, and although it doesn’t have kiddy play area’s or such, it is really close to the meander things that do, so your days would be pretty awesome.
    There’s also a place in Boston (midlands) called Ashtonvale Guest Farm – very reasonably priced and they have plenty to do for families, including feeding and milking the animals….

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  3. […] Drakensburg couldn’t have come at a better time and we headed up to the beautiful mountains for some rest and […]

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