Im the devil mommy…but I may just sleep tonight

I’m lying in bed listening to he ginger go beserk next door as he cries Mommy. You see tonight is night one of us sleep training….don’t get me wrong, I feel awful and revolting especially as he is now not crying but actually verbalisong it in words. But were back where we were in Sept last year where he cut his first molars. Two months of hell and how I managed to keep my job during my zombie state is a miracle. We’re back to not being able to leave a room without him going beserk and him holding us ransom for hours at his bedside!

Saturday night is was from 12-1:30. Monday it was intermittently from 9- 3:30am yes you read correctly that’s 6 hours! And I won’t lie it’s taking its toll. It’s not about the sleep deprivation which I now understand why they use as a form of torture, but its about the knock on effect and how it affects everything else in our lives. It’s how short you become with your loved ones the morning after and that includes the ginger who gets the wrath of my tongue because my fuse is short. It’s the fact that I don’t get any excercise because when the alarm goes off at 5:45am and you’ve gotten to bed at 3:30am the last thing you wanna do is get up and run, so you feel yuk and that makes you look yuk and and and.

So yes I’ve just listened to the ginger cry it out with intermittent visits from his devil mommy ( we use the Richard Ferber method) and after the third visit he settled in 2 min without me holding vigil at his bedside. So did I do the right thing and am I awful for doing it and will I scar him because I walked out and left him to cry, who knows bit hey maybe tonight well get some sleep and then things will be better in the morning.


3 comments on “Im the devil mommy…but I may just sleep tonight

  1. Student Mom says:

    Ouch. I don’t remember what I did with the Bunny. I think a pacifier had a lot to do with things. I vaguely recall three days of pure hell when we tossed the pacifier though. However, I was extremely lucky to have an abnormally good baby.
    Or I was too thick with lack of sleep to register when things weren’t abnormally good.
    The first three years were a haze of sleep deprivation.
    Fourth year started The Recovery.
    I now get to sleep through – Year 5!!!

  2. Jeanette says:

    Oi, rather you than me! I’m thrilled I’m over that stage πŸ˜‰

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