The Move

Before I knew it the move had arrived!

It  came with loads of stress and resulted in me shoving stuff in random boxes. But we’re here. We’re finally in Durban!

The team at Biddulphs removal company were awesome! I not only were they my cheapest quote by far but all in all the move was a smooth one, albeit interspersed with a little chaos and a few hiccups.

They team of 6 guys arrived at 10am and by 1pm our house was a shell!
I kept it together until the van was about to leave, but then as I was saying goodbye I signed “thank you” to one of the guys who was moving us that was deaf. His face lit up with the most amazing appreciation as if to say: “someone has spoken to me” For the first time in the 5 hours , someone had spoken to him in his language and you could see the appreciation.

WELL!!!! I was tickets and quickly sat outside and had a good little cry, as only a women can do. It was finally over and our house was empty and quite frankly it made me a little sad L

Next was fetching the Ginger. Rich and I had chatted about whether we should show him the house or whether we should just leave. I was of the mindset that for him, even if he didn’t understand it, it was important for him to get closure and move onto the next step, so that even in his own little way he could understand that we were leaving and when he saw his stuff in his new room in Durban he’d get it. Rich said he wouldn’t care. Boys are so simple 🙂 Anyway we decided to show him and Rich was right I don’t think he cared. Well at least that’s what I thought until that night!

Anyway so we handed over the keys and headed to our mates Dave and Jen for our last night. It was awful as Daniel held me hostage in his room sitting next to his cot for over an hour. He was so unsettled and really upset. We got to bed at 10:30pm and by 2am I was up a and wide awake!! I left Rich to sleep until 3am because he was driving and then we got up and left. Daniel woke up when I transferred him into the car and was awake for 20min and fell asleep and I thought we were home dry. Until Villiers (100km out of JHB ) where we stopped for coffee. When I returned to the car my little ginger had completely lost the plot. I think he was so exhausted and didn’t know what was going on. Fortunately he passed out 20 min later and then woke at 6am After Villiers we pushed through all the way to Ballito. Daniel only had two wobbles after that. One when he woke and of course one when we were 20 min from home.


Our first KZN sunset…well the start of it at least 🙂

So we survived the first stint and next was the unpacking. This was where we hit a stumbling block…..the truck eventually only arrived at our complex at 2pm that afternoon as they’d had trouble at the previous offload and were delayed. So they eventually finished unpacking at about 7pm! I had to get Daniel down so had to leave Rich with them at 5pm.


The chaos that was Saturday morning. 6am!

Saturday I woke at 6am and headed straight to the house to start unpacking….and I unpacked and unpacked and unpacked. I sat down for the first time at 5pm that evening but at least the beds were made, the curtains hung and we were in our home.

The past two days have just been finishing up and making the house livable and I can now finally say we’re in! My mom has been incredible. She has really done a lot and we are so appreciative.

Daniel has taken serious strain and hasn’t really eaten for 3 days and sleep has been nightmare with a pearler on sunday night of 2 and half hours of crying followed by vomit…lots of it! But last night he finally slept through again and I’m hoping he has had a good day at crèche today. Its a lot for a little guy to take in.

Looking back, the pain of the move is still a very real one, but its good to be able to say it’s finally behind us!

What’s the saying? Onwards and upwards!!!

Hope your weekend was less stressful and hectic than mine 🙂


5 comments on “The Move

  1. Jeanette says:

    Oh wow sounds exhausting!! Glad you’re settling in 🙂

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