Moving house…..Don’t do it!

So I’m pretty much done. 41 boxes and a whole lotta little bits shoved into random boxes!!

Spent the whole weekend packing…AGAIN and really neglected the Ginger which really sucked  The bonus was daddy Abs got to spend some time with him, but seriously, I cannot wait to just spend quality time with him again, playing ,drawing, whatever that may be!

They don’t stuff around when they say that moving ranks in the top ten of strefful things to do in your life…… Let me give you my take on moving.

You start packing…a little out of fear but mainly because you’re excited to get this party started. At this stage you are in COMPLETE DENIAL.
The first few boxes go well lulling you into a false sense of security.
It’s easy. You keep a beautiful list of what’s packed in each box and systematically go from room to room where each room is neatly packed in each box.
You think to yourself.
“20 boxes max at this rate!”
“What is everyone on about? packing up is not that hard”
A few boxes a day and I’ll be done in no time”

Then you hit the kitchen….and you hit the crossroads of hell, where you are not able to fill a box because they get to heavy before they get full. So you end up with the hodge podge boxes that I have right now. (which doesn’t go well with my A type personality) and quite frankly is F#$%^ING UP MY LISTS!

So you end up with this:
Box 36:
Description: Kitchen
Contents: Plates, Pyrex dishes, Leather jackets, Bedside table , drawer and spare room pillows!!!

Eventually though even this A type had to get over it and quite frankly get to the next stage


This is what starts to happen after days and days of packing. You reach the stage where it is all going to the same location and all gonna be unpacked , so really it doesn’t matter what goes in what box. And seriously you just wanna get done so that your hands are not stained with the black ink from newspaper.


The random pile of stuff that doesnt really fit into any box arrrrrrgh!


Dont judge me! I’m over it! I will find a place for this stuff when we get to the other side.

 So tonight I will pack the last few things…..only 3 more sleeps and then our new adventure begins!!!

Watch this space!!!


3 comments on “Moving house…..Don’t do it!

  1. Huge apologies but you did give me a huge laugh. I know EXACTLY what you are going through! Good luck on the big day.

    • absandlol says:

      Ahhhh a fellow A typer! 🙂 yah it’s been kak! But hey, only 3 more sleeps….. And then I get to do it again in a year! Whahaha. ( excuse me while I go have a little cry)

  2. Jeanette says:

    Can’t believe you’re leaving already!

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