Two weeks to go

Can you believe that in two weeks time the removal van will have arrived and we will be Durban bound.
I’m a mix of excitement and sadness at the moment…..

It’s the funny things I’m going to miss:
• I’m going to miss being able to fetch Daniel and for the two of us to walk home. Takes us half an hour to cover 500m but it such fun and we explore all sorts of things on the way
• I’m going to miss my helper. Samu has been with us for 8 years and when she’s been on a Tuesday we call our house “Hotel Samu” she is the most amazing cleaner and I’ve really developed a friendship with her.
• I’m going to miss our home – I’m starting to get really sad. It was the first house we bought together and we had our first child in this home and so when we close the door on Thursday there will no doubt be a few tears.

But there is SOOOOOOOOOO much I’m looking forward to.

• I’m looking forward to being close to my nieces. These two are like my second kids. I have missed so many birthdays and special occasions and I get to be there for them
• I’m looking forward to being close to my folks – Nothing beats family and I’m looking forward for us to be able to get together for dinners.
• I’m looking forward to being a stones throw from the beach – summer evenings after work we can go down and play in the waves for a little bit before bedtime – man that’s awesome
• I cant wait to break ground build our new home – Its going to be an exciting journey (wha ha ha watch this space, no doubt I’ll be ranting how kak it is building your own house is a year’s times )

So good news FINALLY on the news front…..

We have a rental!!! My mom found it advertised in the local newspaper (wow they do stuff so differently down there 🙂 Its small and old but its ours and we can move in on the 31st May!!!

IMG_2171 IMG_2172 IMG_2173 IMG_2176 IMG_2182
It has a little garden for the Ginger to run around in and a gym, pools and tennis court in the complex. So chuffed and its such a weight off my shoulders!

Now just have to find a job. I’m kinda calm about that too and really believe something will happen. (fingers crossed behind my back just in case )

So the packing has begun in earnest and tonight I will pack some more. Really hoping to be able to knock the bulk of it this weekend. We have 14 boxes already. There’s a debate on how many we’ll end up with. Rich says close on 40. I reckon 25……the jury is out, will let you know.

One more sleep and Daddy Abs is home for the weekend. I’m so looking forward to the weekend. I have dinner tomorrow night with my person (a real adult, no kid dinner with wine and everything ) and then on Saturday I’m having a back massage and pedi as well while Daddy Abs spends some quality time with the Ginger.  Yay me 🙂

I hope you’re all having an awesome week!


3 comments on “Two weeks to go

  1. Happy packing and good luck with the move. Just think… You are going to live near the beach, nothing beats that! 🙂

  2. […] again came with its stresses though as up until 10 days before we were due to leave we didn’t know if we had a place to live. […]

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