Always look on the bright side of life…..

WARNING: This post is filled with dark sarcasm and woe is me language.

I’m feeling flat today….

I’m at the so close but yet so far stage with this move. Its only 19 days left and then we’re outta here and moving to Durban, our dream, what we chose to do. I should be happy right?!?! But I’m seriously taking strain and just wanna have a good cry about it all!

I’ve waxed lyrical about how this is God’s hands and how everything has fallen into place.

But today this just sucks and feeling really grotty and if another person tells me to “lift my chin up”,” look on the bright side” “it’s not long now” and “don’t worry you’ll find a job” I’m literally GOING TO PUNCH THEM!!!!

We don’t have a rental. On the 31st Of May we have NO place to put our stuff. There just seems to be a shortage all of a sudden in Ballito and my poor mother has been on the phone to thousands of rental agent (who are all bloody useless btw) with nothing, NADA! – Look on the bright side we can move in with my parents and put our stuff in storage!!

I don’t have a job yet – I potentially have an offer and even though I don’t feel the role is right for me. What would you do? Wouldn’t you take it, in a market that is slow , it is a recession after all. – Hey, Look on the bright side at least it’s a job! (Yay me now I can move into yet another job I absolutely hate, how much fun would that be). Or do sit tight and place all my faith in God as I have said I’m doing and trust that he will provide, all in the face of the fact that come July we HAVE NO MONEY and will not be able to pay bills. – Look on the bright side, we can sell our land and live in a rental and use all our savings.

A friend of ours has her little girl in hospital on oxygen and is sedated. They have been fighting a viral infection for a week and its been touch and go. My ginger is healthy (apart from a nasty chest cold) but he’s fine , I’m grateful for that.

My sister in law is about to lose her dad to the big horrible nasty C – I have my dad and he’s healthy and soon I’m going to be living (hopefully) in the same estate as him. – I’m a lucky girl.

I get to see my husband this weekend – yay no more single parenting – well at least until Monday.

So yah, I’m feeling down and I know I should be grateful because I have SOOOOOOOOOO much to be thankful for. But I’m just gonna take a few moments to have a woe is me moment and maybe a little cry (later) and then I’ll get back on with it.


2 comments on “Always look on the bright side of life…..

  1. Hang in there. Hey, we wouldn’t be real if we didn’t feel mis and have a good cry every now and then! On a lighter note, I can recommend a couple of great coffee places in Ballito!!!

  2. absandlol says:

    Thanks Lovecappuccino. Yah after a good cry and a glass of wine I perked up 🙂
    You’re right we are entitled to a mis day every now and then….

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