The wrath of the purple dinosaur

I was convinced that we were going to escape the wrath of the purple dinosaur. We had done so well for 20 months………And then granny introduced the Ginger to Barney!!!
While we were in Durban granny innocently put on an episode of Barney she had recorded and he was mesmorised!

I was running towards her shouting nooooooooooooooo but it was too late

His new word it now Barley (aka Barney) which he uses with great frequency, and to say he is obsessed it an understatement!!

Granny has purchased a him a barney teddy and this dude goes everywhere with us. This past weekend we also purchased two DVDs only because we get shouted at when the recorded ones switch to ad breaks .At least the DVD’s play for a half hour.

BarneyBarney 3

Barney 2

Barney 5

The backpack donated by our next door neighbours little girl.

Barney 4

Occasionally bunny gets to feature and sit with Barney while watching Barney episodes on TV

  Barney 6  

As much as I wish I could tell him Barney is dead I can’t but help see the educational benefits. (you NEVER heard me say that!) He is really learning from this guy and it’s amazing how he does the actions to songs…..

I still don’t know what the attraction is though. What is it that makes every child love him with such obsession and passion?


3 comments on “The wrath of the purple dinosaur

  1. Don’t fight it! 🙂
    My son had some big fat fluffy Barney slippers!

  2. Jeanette says:

    I think Barney is cool… he teaches the kids good things… at least it’s not Teletubbies! Now that’s mindless rubbish

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