The past two weeks

After a great weekend in Durbs I returned home on the Monday prepared for two weeks without daddy………..but it turned out very differently!

 I received a call from a recruitment agent on the Thursday in Durban to tell me I had an interview! Finally a bite on my CV! So within hours I had put in for leave and booked a flight back down to Durban.

With the public holiday on Wednesday  1st May I thought to myself why not take and extra day and stay for the holiday… I changed my flight and headed down to Durbs for 6 days.You would think it would be relaxing but it actually turned out to be rather hectic.

I managed to fit in:

  • Two rounds of interviews
  • A visit with an old school friend
  • Saw Daniel’s new crèche – He didn’t want to leave when it was time to go. I think he’ll be very happy there.
  • Got him enrolled at the local school – whether he’ll get in is another story…he’s over 100 down the list.



Cool cat in his new sunnies to protect the beautiful Blues!


Check the gorgeous weather and view from my friends house

Last week was a short week for me yet it felt like days on the back of a busy Durbs trip!!!  Bonus was that Daddy Abs had to come up for business so we got to see him this weekend. Our poor ginger is so confused though and is so clingy. One day daddy is there then he’s gone for two days then he’s back! Poor little guy really misses his daddy so roll on the next three weeks so that we can be a family again.

The weekend was good. Daddy abs played golf on the Saturday and I took the opportunity to see my good friends Lyds and her gorgeous little guy Joshua.Also hooke up with my BFF Sal and Jon for Pizza at Tony’s. Sunday we chilled in the morning , then while Daniel slept at lunch we started packing , and followed it up with a lovely braai with our good friend Dave and Jen.

Weekend 3

Daddy Abs and Luke and Dan (Dan calls Luke ‘go luko’ ?!?!)

Weekend 2

The boys bathing (Sad that this will one the lasts times for a while)

Weekend 1

Joshua and the Ginger

It  was a good weekend with friends….starting to kick in how much we’re going to miss the small things like braais and pizza evenings…..


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