Fabulous Easter

It was so lovely to be able to stay home this Easter instead of fighting the traffic to go down the coast or sitting at the airport while our flight is delayed

My in-laws joined us for the four days which was really lovely and as  a result Daniel added two new essential words to his vocab.

Ganny and Baa-baa.

We had a mixture of running around and just chilling in the garden. As usual the weather was superb (as only the Highveld can be) and my son (the naturalist at heart ) spent many an afternoon running around naked in the garden.


He never ceased to amaze me with his eating (I’m so lucky to have an eater) and tried a few new things this weekend such as plums.

IMG_7511 IMG_7509 IMG_7515

On one of the days we headed to the JHB zoo and what an amazing time. Daniel kept us entertained and practically walked the whole way…needless to say we had a VERY tired ginger by the end of it.


IMG_7501 IMG_7500

On one of the other days I ran to the gym and Rich and his folks joined me. We then headed to the little park in Lonehill that borders the shopping centre and WOW! I was so stunned. I mean I always knew it existed but I didn’t know about all the swings and kiddies stuff. The ginger was in his element and Ganny and Baa-baa joined in too. Howcome its that we are finding some of the wonders of JHB as we’re leaving…Murphy?


All in all it was a great 4 days but alas just too short…….


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