Chapter 1 – 9 weeks to Durban Move

So Daddy Abs left today and headed down to Durbs……without me…..

and I came home to this…empty cupboards. It sucked!!!


And I know that it’s what we planned and I know that it’s only 9 weeks and I know that I’ll see him in a week


I was a little sad…..

Sad because as excited as I am about this move I’m a little sad because the last chapter (9 years ) is coming to an end.

I’m also a little sad as I’m worried about the Ginger and that we’ll battle tomorrow when he wakes up and his daddy is still not home. What will he think and will he be able to communicate to me that he misses his daddy??

I’m also sad because for the past 8 years I have been there for Rich in every big step his taken. And tomorrow he’ll go to work and I wont be able to give him that last squeeze before he walks out the door and to be able to tell him how awesome he is and how immensely proud I am of him.

I’ve had a friend over for dinner tonight so I havent really been alone, but following publishing this I’ll be heading off to our King size bed and I’m gonna miss him…..the dude who drivesme absolutely up the pole, yet the dude who I absolutely adore!

You’ve gotta love me though… already I have segmented the weeks and rationalised that the 9 weeks till we move is actually only 7 because well this week is pretty much over and the week we move can’t really be counted…….man I love a goal!

So heres to 7 weeks and counting until Chapter 2


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