Super hectic year- YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!

When most people have been saying it’s been a helluva year I have just smiled and whispered under my breathe

I have been rather quiet on the blogging front largely because I have had to be hush hush about the biggest thing thats is happening to me, and as a result have been at a loss for words on other stuff to write about….. but now I can finally blurt it out!

We are moving to Durban! (Oh wow I feel lighter already)

Whilst we were at the coast over Christmas, Rich and I watched our Ginger on the beach and just how he loved the lifestyle and started really questioning what we are doing in the rat race. We have always had full intentions of being back at the coast by the time Daniel goes to high school (2024) but all of a sudden we started questioning why are we waiting that long.

So we settled in back home after the most glorious holiday and at the end of January we Richard starting looking for a job. Our feeling was that we would go , Richard Job, Me Job , House sell…… in that order.

This is where it got STUPID HECTIC!!!!

Richard got a job in two weeks! Signed sealed and starts next week 4th April.
So he resigned and we put the house on the market…..Then we sold the house in 6 days (talk about meant to be)

Now all that is left is for me to find a job. I’m going to stay in Johannesburg until June when the house will transfer to the new owners and then I’m outta here too.
I have spoken to my boss looking at a possible transfer to the offices in Durban but not too sure it will happen as Marketing is based up at head office. So holding thumbs there.
And I have spoken to a few people and putting some feelers out there.

So when I said YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!! I wasn’t joking. When Hilton (my BIL) asked when we wanted to be in Durbs I answered that we’d love to be there by Christmas. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would happen this fast!

It comes with lots of emotions though. Whilst I don’t doubt that this is totally the right move for us, we are also leaving all our friends here and we have just sold the first house we bought together and where the ginger was born, so no doubt it’ll come with many more tears.

But our little boy gains a set of grandparents, cousins and Aunt and uncle which is so important to us. Plus hopefully we’ll be able to see the other granny and grandpa more often as the distance is a little less to EL.

So wow, talk about a hectic start to the year. Stay tuned for more updates.

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3 comments on “Super hectic year- YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!

  1. Jeanette says:

    🙂 very cool news!!
    No wonder you’ve been quiet 🙂
    Glad it’s happened quickly though, there’s nothing worse than waiting.

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  3. […] So over Christmas last year we seriously contemplated moving back to the coast. It was always in our bigger plan, but something we had always hoped to do in our 40’s. All of a sudden we found ourselves asking, WHY? Why only in our 40’s why not now? Then it all happened. Rich found a job in two weeks, we sold our house in 7 days and the reality hit. We were moving back to Durban. […]

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