18 months I’m so in love

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When the ginger was little my good friend said to me that she really fell in love with her son at 18months. And I thought to myself how can you say that!?!?

But I totally get was she means. It’s not that you don’t love your kid before then , because I just adore the ginger, but man on man my love for him as just exploded recently.

He is becoming his own little person and is such an expressive little guy. He has mastered the use of the word “”No” and “Naughty” and is very quick to let you know when you have been a bad girl!! He doesn’t say yes yet, but instead will either wiggle his body in excitement or clap his hands and shout “Yay”

I’m just loving my Iphone because I’m able to catch a lot of this cuteness on video, which (how lame am I) I lie in bed at night and watch . Here is one video of the standard game we play in the house where any door will do. Ginger slams door and starts to shriek and I run toward door shouting I’m gonna get you. My best moments are when his legs go lame and he crumbles to the floor in fits of giggles before I even get to him….

Today he just melted my heart , whilst watching Madagascar 2 this mornig there is the scene where Alex’s mum recognises her long-lost son is alive and she takes his paw and rubs her finger on the birthmark on his hand (the same as his father’s) and say: “Alekay is that you?”

So Daniel calls me: “Mommy” so i walk up to him and he takes my hand in his and traces on my palm with his finger  just like in the movie and in his baby talk says something. MAN ALIVE i melted!!

So I get it, it totally get it. The cute factor is HUGE and every day I think it’s not possible to love him anymore. Thank goodness it’s weekend so I get two whole days with him!!


2 comments on “18 months I’m so in love

  1. Jeanette says:

    Aww that’s so adorable 🙂

  2. He is so super cute!!! And I totally agree – this age is the best 🙂

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