Christmas holiday done and dusted!

And just like that the holiday is sadly over and we’re back in the City of Smoke, aka. The Rat Race, aka. Johannesburg. I am however sporting a nice tan which makes me less sickly looking than before and people have been telling me I look “well” (so fat must really be a good look on me 🙂 

We had the most incredible time though and completely relaxed and were so blessed with most amazing weather!! The first week we were on our own and got to spend some really nice time as a family. I got some really good running in and managed 35km in that week. Daniel also got to really experience the beach, having only been on the beach twice before that for a very brief time. We just loves the water and although cautious at first by the time we left the coast we was quite fearless.

beach 3

I just loved my time with our little boy. He is growing so fast and it was so special to be able to spend some real quality time with him, which doesn’t happen being a working mom. Be it playing the sand, swimming, reading a book with him or just lying on the lazyboy watching Rio (for the 100th time), it was such a special time and something I have missed terribly this week as it’s all about feeding ,bathing and getting to bed during the week and all at pace!!

Puddle 1puddle 2

Daddy and Dan

Daniel is growing up so fast and becoming a real little man with a mind of his own…. It was really super hot down at the coast and that combined with cutting eye teeth and molars made eating a little tough. All he wanted to eat was watermelon and more watermelon. But man cannot live on watermelon alone!! One night however after one of our supper fights I eventually let him go after 15minutes of refusing to eat anything. He quickly pushed past me , as if to say: ‘get out of my way women’, walked up to the fridge, opened the door, took a look at all the wares and then helped himself to a nectarine. We have a rule that he is not allowed to walk around with food and has to sit in a certain spot until he is finished. On holiday we had such a spot on the carpet. So he promptly walked with nectarine in hand, plopped down on the spot and proceeded to munch the WHOLE nectarine. Real little man with his own ideas of what supper should be.


The week over Christmas we were really blessed to have Rich’s family join us. Christmas was such a treat watching our little man open presents. It’s amazing at the tender age of only 16mths he totally got the whole present thing and wasted no time opening his presents.

Opening present

He got SUPER spoilt and just loved all the toys. The four days with the family were lovely and chilled and on the 27th December we were really sad to see them leave (it’s never long enough!!)

Opening present 2


Next on the agenda was my birthday. Because of the time of year and us being away from home most years, I have never really have the chance to celebrate my birthday with a party. However being in my hometown I didn’t have to rent a crowd and in actual fact had a handful of friends that were able to join me to celebrate the big 33!! I was so incredibly spoilt. My darling hubby bought me the new Garmin Forerunner 210 (best I get a running) and I received such beautiful presents from my friends. Then at lunchtime I was whisked away as surprise by Sal my BFF to “The boathouse” to their onsite spa for Pedi’s, facials and a Full body massage. Come 7pm I was pooped but went to bed with such a warm fuzzy feeling and huge smile on my dial. What an incredible day!!!

Birthday 1Birthday 2Brithday 3

Our next visitors to join us were our mates Sal and Jon with their little boy Ben. The highlight has got to be our trip to Ushaka. I must say initially I thought it would be a disaster as Daniel is a big boy in many ways but still a little guy in other ways and I wondered how he’d cope. The first stop was the Dolphin show where he blew his bolt and lost it and I thought to myself “this will be fun” but next we entered the Aquarium and I wish I could’ve captured my little guys face more.

UshakaUshaka 3

Ushaka 1Ushaka 2

We was in absolute awe of this amazing water world and the look on his face when he saw his first shark is one that will be etched in my memory for years to come. Following that we went to the wave pool which was also a hit! Daniel absolutely loved the water. He lasted for ages and it was only on our last super tube ride that he laid his head on my shoulder as if to say: ‘Ok mom, enough now, I cant anymored” He had had such an amazing time and was so buggered that we didn’t even make it to the parking lot and he was asleep.

New years

New Years was low key and NO I did not make midnight (oh how things have changed).

The following days were spent just getting the house in order for my folks arrival back from Australia and also some more quality time just the 3 of us. Before we knew it we were at the airport and Johannesburg bound. Sadly though we’re back at work and Daniel is sporting a lovely chesty cough and has had a few miz nights. But the week has flown and I can’t believe week one is over already!! And yet again I’m day dreaming about our next holiday and took a National Lottery ticket this week in the hopes that I’d win millions so we could retire down at the coast. Sadly I won nothing, but I girl can remain ever hopeful.

I hope you have had a fantastic start to your New year and that 2013 is a cracker for you!!!


2 comments on “Christmas holiday done and dusted!

  1. What fun photos. It really looks like a great holiday 🙂

  2. Nina says:

    Looks like a great (and warm!) holiday! Hope 2013 brings you and your family more joy.

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