2012 in Summary….

It’s been another busy year for us and of course filled with lots of exciting times and of course some big milestones. If you want to catch up on the long versions of the goings on of the Abdo’s you can click on the any of the links below, otherwise here is the concise version…..well as concise as I can be.

The year started relatively slowly for me as I was still on maternity leave, but soon the 23rd January was up and I headed back to Moscon Optics. VERY HARD DAY and I won’t lie there were a few tears.


We settled nicely into the whole working thing and our first milestone arrived in mid Feb with the appearance our first two toofies. This didn’t come without any bumps in the road and we were soon to find out Daniel is a SHOCKING teether!!!

We also had some bumps with our first crèche experience and after a few nasty incidents we pulled Daniel from the crèche and moved him to Toddlers Inn just around the corner from us.

February was a very special month with family and friends as we Baptised Daniel. It was a beautiful day and one we will always remember.

The three of us


March loomed all too quickly and we felt the toll of the year already starting. Lack of sleep and adjusting to our new dynamic led us to book a trip to Dullstroom for the weekend. It was so great to get out of Johannesburg and recharge the batteries.


April was yet another big month for me as I left Moscon Optics after almost four years and moved into the financial services game at Investec Private Bank. I’m still however in Marketing.

Rich continued to be really busy and has had a really successful year in starting up the digital arm of Timesquare called Humannode.

The long weekend in April we also had a visit from Granny and Grandpa. They hadn’t seen Daniel since Christmas so they saw quite a change in him. He was sitting beautifully and was starting to tease us with crawling. We also cut the top four teeth over those 5/6 days. Not pretty.


We have really battled with Daniel and his sleeping and after several chest infections we decided to go down to Durbs at the end of July for my sister to test him and see what was up. In the meantime Daniel had been trying to crawl for about 3 months without much luck and so I decided to try cranio sacral therapy. It was amazing the difference we experienced immediately and that weekend in Durbs Daniel started crawling.

August was a rouge month! At the beginning of August we said goodbye to one of the most amazing men you’d ever that the priviledge of meeting. My uncle Kevin died of a heart-attack and marked the 7th relative I’ve buried in 2 years!! We had a proper send off in true Wynne style and did him proud with the red wine we drank in honour of him. I’ll still battle to crack a bottle of Roodeberg without thinking of my special soppies, he is going to be missed for many years to come.


Through all this my dad hadnt been feeling so well and was battling to catch his breath. With Uncle Kev’s sudden death he didnt really have time to tend to it and upon his return from the funeral set off to see cardiologist. Turned out he was a walking time bomb and two days later was booked in for a triple bypass!! It was a hairy few days but he made it through the surgery and is recovering really well.











At the end of August after the month we’d had it was time for a break and  we headed out to Dunkeld Country Estate for the weekend. Again it was in Dullstroom and we had such an amazing weekend with Daniel.



September was another Milestone month as we celebrated Daniel’s first birthday. It amazing how this year has flown and before we knew it our house was filled with friends and many kids playing in the ball bond. Still cant believe how quickly he is growing and changing and the fact that he’s already 1!!


The next two months were hard! Daniel started cutting his Molars and for two months we battled with sleep and our poor guy was seriously miserable. This all culminated in yet another ear infection with finally ended us up at the ENT and Daniel was booked in for grommets. Through all of this Daniel has become really mummified and so I ended up having to go into theatre with him. It was not easy but the difference has been incredible.


Those months were not all doom and gloom and amongst the sleepless nights I was treated one day when I arrived at crèche and Daniel walked across the room to me. Very big proud mommy moment.

End of October saw Rich’s birthday approaching and we jet setted to East London to go and see his family. As always, weekends away are so short and the red eye flight, first thing in the morning, always looks like a good idea when you book it, but it ISNT!!

photo 1

November saw Daniel and I heading down to Durban to see my family as Rich was away on his Boys Tour Golf weekend. I’m very proud of my hubby who won golf tour for the second year in a row! My weekend was not as pleasant as Daniel got the nasty bug going around which he promptly passed onto Rich and myself. It was began with him vomiting all over me on the plane!!! I’ll leave it at that!!!

photo 3 photo 2

November was all about shows and theatre. We were able to go and see Dirty Dancing with friends of ours. Whilst it will never beat Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in the movie, it was still an amazing show.

photo 1photo 2photo 4

Then a bunch of us girls got together and headed for the spectacle that was Gaga! WOW! It was quite the show and I must say was speechless in parts, and if you know me, I’m not often speechless!!

And here we are….December!

How did we blink and this year just disappeared? It has sure as hell been a whirlwind and we are looking to a well deserved rest down at the coast for three weeks.

We wish you all well over the festive season and for those that are travelling, be safe and we’ll catch up in the new year.

Merry Christmas from the Abdos


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  1. Sounds like a good year overall 🙂

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