One way ticket to Grommets

Following 5 weeks of hell (literally 12 times up a night with screaming baby hell) we finally got our answer! Daniel got another ear infection and we were finally able to sort out his ears.

I have wondered for a long time if its ears but a couple of months back we went to Dr Van der Nest and he said Daniel’s ears were fine. You can read about that saga here.

But three ear infections in 4 months is not good so we trundled off to Van der Nest’s rooms this week and he checked the ears and confirmed that Daniel’s right ear was not good. He gave us the choice to ride it out yet again with antibiotics and see or do the grommets. Our feeling was that the Ginger has had these recurring ear infections and yes we could ride it out and see and the ears would clear but we would just be back in his rooms a few months later….so we made the choice to go ahead and were booked in for Wednesday morning.

It’s quite an organisation though….I took the day off and I’m so glad I did because Daniel was not a happy camper after the surgery. The organisation come in when you have an eater like the Ginger, because you have to stock the child up with food during the day because he doesn’t know he has to starve from midnight, you try explain to a 13mth old he’s not allow to eat!?!?

So I packed a while lot of snacks for the day and true to form Daniel WOLFED them all! So we went to bed and surprisingly Dan slept really well. I did however wake him at midnight to dream feed him and then when he woke at 4am I gave him a little apple juice. And at 4:45am we were up!!!

So began a looooong day!

We arrived at Olivedale Clinic at 6:30am and by 6:45 we were in the ward. We were scheduled to start at 8am and were first on the list because he was the littlest.  Daniel did not want to be put down so I held him for approximately two hours as we only went into theatre at 8:30am

I went in with the Ginger but that’s only because he is a little mommified at the moment. Dr Van der nest does it differently in that you go in with your child and hold them while they put on the the gas mask to make them sleep. I was told its not long but let me tell you 45 seconds when your child is screaming is LOOOOOOOOONG!

I did my usual thing and dealt with it just like all big things in my life and really only processed it when I got out the door to where Daddy Abs was and then had a little cry.

A little piece on Dr Van der Nest: This Dr is amazing. In March he did Richard’s nose and we experienced his bedside manner and this time was no different. He walks with you back to recovery after your baby is asleep and tells you what is going happen and then after each surgery he comes out and gives you a run down of what he saw etc. Its just service and bedside manner on a different level! And its no wonder he is so loved and has such a thriving practice. Its quite a thing watching your little baby be put to sleep and just having him walk you through every step of the way kinda “hand holding”  Makes you feel really secure and that your little guy is in good hands. I would really recommend him to anyone, not just for kids ops.

Anyway so 10min later , Daniel was done and Dr Van der Nest said that the left ear was ok but the right he said had “Septic puss” and had obviously been there for a long time. So I’m so glad we did it.

Then I heard my baby cry and went in and gave him a bottle and THEN the taps turned on and I  had a proper cry. The nursing staff were so super and I was handed tissues…Lots of them!!

Then we went back to the ward and Daniel had a yoghurt and some Apple puree and had a little sleep in my arms. Thank good ness for my sling I’d made a few weeks back as I held him for another hour (total count up till then for the day 3hrs)

Then we went home and Daniel ate:

  • two bowls of porridge,
  • a sandwich with cheese,
  • two chicken vieannas
  • and some greek yoghurt.

Then he promptly passed out for two hours and woke up at about 1pm.

I lifted him out his cot and he fell asleep on my shoulder so I thought I’d lie down with him! No ways and he sat up and cried, so I put him between my legs and picked up my phone to read my message and I felt his body slump….he’d passed out again! And slept like this for over and hour!

And when we woke at 2:30pm he was much better and not so moany.

The worst is over i hope us and he can only get better. Glad this week is behind us though….


2 comments on “One way ticket to Grommets

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