Big lesson in Technology Failure

So after a week of very unusual silence I sms’d my person asking her if we should get the Groupon  at Vikrams Banjaara and maybe leave the kids at home one Friday and go for a good curry. I LOVE  Vikrams Banjaara  in Lonehill. We have tried a few places for curry and this is still my favourite place. Not cheap hence the enticing offer from Groupon

I got no response….

Then I sms’d her later in the day about something arb and got no response….
Then that evening I sms’d her and asked her if everything was ok. She’s a pilot so when she’s flying there are often days when we don’t speak. But you must know this lady LOVES her phone and it’s ALWAYS on when she’s not flying!!!!

I got no response…..

So it the next morning I called her phone and it was off and then I got worried so I called her hubby a little concerned only to hear that she was there with him but sleeping.

*cue pi$$ed off *

I was livid, I had sms’d her over 7 times with no response and called three times and after sending her the ‘are you ok sms’ the night before I figured even if she’d been busy the least she could do is say ‘I’m busy but ok’!!!!

So I sms’d her and said just that… I was pissed and that I was tired of trying to communicate with her and getting no bloody response plus I was tired from lying awake wondering what the hell was going on?
Shortly after that I got a response!

She’d never gotten any of my sms’d or phonecalls. So I called her and we had a chat. There was nothing wrong, it was literally just a case of ‘broken telephone’
Funny now, but I was really angry at the time

I saw a social media preso at work yesterday and there was a stat that said : 1 in 5 divorces are blamed on Facebook   And it got me thinking how the world is changing, and in some ways not necessarily for the good. Here was a scenario that was really just a technology failure and I’m sure not a unique situation. But because of the reliance I had placed on it, the emotional turmoil that it had caused and the lack of sleep that night was not cool. It was negative energy that I really didn’t need in my life.
Made me realise how important it is to COMMUNICATE, and by that I mean IN PERSON. Too much is left up to technology to convey and that I believe is wrong. I know we all lead very busy lives but I still think that touching base with those that matter in person every now and again is essential and cannot be done over sms.
And at the risk of sounding like a granny, sometimes doing things the old fashioned way is not such a bad idea.


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