He just wants to be a big boy

Stop the world for just a second please! I went into the shops a few days ago and there were Christmas decorations hanging up. What the hell!!!

And with every month that whizzes by my baby gets a month older. And with every month older he gets I cling harder and harder onto my little guy, wanting him to be my baby, and he pushes harder and harder to be a big boy.

The first thing that he started was refusing for me to feed him and I had to come up with ingenious ways of keeping him entertained. The minute I swapped to finger foods and he could feed himself he stopped fighting and dinner became a pleasure…..for the floor too!!

The past few days, he has been refusing anything in a syringe (pretty tough whilst holding him down while he kicks and screams administering 5ml Calpol for the cutting Molars that are keeping us up all night!!) Tonight I switched to a plastic spoon and he swallowed the meds as if it was chocolate pudding…..he just wants to be big.

And I just want him to be little……

I think it’s because I had such a rough start with him and wishing those first 3 months away that I’ve really only ‘had’ my baby for 9 months so I’m clinging to it….

I do however think I that its time I put my big girl panties on and just embrace this, because shoeh, life whizzes by…. so I’m trying to saviour every day and moment I have with this little guy.


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