Working mom’s guilt

I often heard my sis talk about it , when she used to do the high powered JHB rat race job thing…..

And I’ve felt it sporadically since I went back to work a year ago but I really got a nasty dose of it this week and its left me feeling yucky.

The funny thing is I’ve always thought the guilt was from one side….that being you feeling guilty that you are leaving your baby with a crèche /nanny and having to go to work. And I thought I’d escaped that because Daniel is so loved and happy at his crèche that I’ve never really felt that major guilt.

But I was wrong….its comes from the other side too. I always seem to be apologising or feeling guilty for having to leave by 4pm so that I can get to Fourways from Sandton in time. And ironically I am at the office by 7am most days so I work a 9hr day. So really I have nothing to apologise for.

How do I get over myself and stop feeling that guilt or is it just the territory of a working mom?


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