The ginger turns 1!!!









Today my baby turns 1. ONE, how the hell did that just happen?

As I look back on the year and can only but exclaim EISH!







It has been the hardest year of my life! It has been the most incredible leveller, where I have realised that this little ‘A’ type is no longer in control.

  • It has been a sleep deprived whirlwind!
  • I’ve lost hours of sleep
  • I’ve self-doubted myself
  • I worried about whether he’d crawl
  • If his poop was the right colour
  • Is he is eating enough
  • I cried buckets of tears

 But in return I look back at what I’ve gained……

  • I was the first one to see him smile
  • I was the first one to experience him eat his first solids
  • I watched him roll over for the first time
  • I heard him giggle, that I could but only join in
  • I saw him sit on his own for the first time
  • I saw him crawl
  • I heard him say Dad-dee and saw Daddy Abs melt into a puddle
  • I’ve watched him look at the birds and point at the sky in amazement.
  • I watch on as he looks as everything with such awe and sees the beauty in everything
  • I watched as he figured out how to work a toy, learn where its buttons are.

And that’s just in the first year.

 It’s been the both the hardest and best year of my life.

I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. He is truly the best thing I have EVER done in my life and I’ve loved this rollercoaster ride called motherhood, it is truly the most awesome God given blessing.



3 comments on “The ginger turns 1!!!

  1. Jeanette says:

    And just like that he looks like a little boy… no longer like a baby!!
    Happy birthing day mom 🙂

  2. Nina says:

    Happy birthday to little Ginger! I agree; that first year can be one of the most challenging ever! Helps get you prepared for the second lol

  3. […] September was another Milestone month as we celebrated Daniel’s first birthday. It amazing how this year has flown and before we knew it our house was filled with friends and many kids playing in the ball bond. Still cant believe how quickly he is growing and changing and the fact that he’s already 1!! […]

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