Weekend for the Soul

We had a weekend away booked from January. This was the last of three booked for the year. The first was a disaster and we ended up back home half way through, as Daniel was really sick. The second we ended up going to Durbs, so the mates we were going with had the pleasure of enjoy it….And this was the last one at Dunkeld Country Estate.

Following the seriously hectic week I’d had  I really wasn’t in the mood. On top of the hectic week I got home from Durbs to my son covered in spots….yip Measles!!!

Daddy Abs really wanted to go and part of me also wanted to (FOMO – Fear-Of-Missing-Out) so i packed the three of us up. We decided to wait till the Ginger was due to go to sleep before heading off, so only left home at 6:30pm. I secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) bitched that Dullstroom is a really long way to go for a weekend and we really need to leave earlier in future and maybe this was too far to go for a weekend.

So we arrived at 10:30pm and from there the weekend was incredible. The staff at Dunkeld Country Estate are unbelievable. They are nothing but pleasant and eager to help. The staff stand aside on the road to let you pass by, they strike up conversations while you waiting for something. i was SUPER impressed.

I was also super impressed with our super accommodation!! Rich and I invested in Holiday Club a few years ago and whilst it burns my butt at least once a year at the fact that we maybe didn’t purchase so well due to the fact that we really battle to get availability, we have never been disappointed in the places we’ve stayed in and in fact are spoilt in that we get to stay in 5 star RCI places all for a Levy of R6000 a year!

We stayed in a gorgeous 3 bedroomed unit (way too big for our needs, but due to the measles epidemic the Ginger acquired, we advised our mates Dave and Jen to maybe give it a skip with their little guy Luke)

On Saturday the Ginger and I left Daddy Abs to have a sleep and went for a long walk. Then we sat outside the house and played. To give these come context, they are of the first sighting of daddy as he appeared on the balcony after his sleep…..Hows that for a welcoming!!!

 We just completely relaxed.  This was largely aided by the Ginger who slept in till 8am both mornings!! I also  managed to get a run in. We did a mini ‘game drive’ which Daniel absolutely loved! He was in total awe of the Zebra’s, Springbok and Wildebeest. It made me miss the Kruger. I wish I could go back….

I think was also made the weekend so relaxing was that Daniel is so much easier as he gets older. He was a little fussed on the Friday night when he woke up but I just picked him up and showed him around and then we went back to sleep quite happily.

On Saturday I realised I had forgotten breakfast for him….No prob we just went up to the restaurant and he had some scrambled eggs and toast.

 No trip to Dullies is complete without a Harries pancakes and a trip to Bert’s sweet shop at the Old Transvaal Inn. We were so stuffed on Sunday from breakfast that we skipped Harries but did make two trips the sweet shop!! (hence the fact that I’ve gone for two runs this week already!!)

It was such a amazing weekend. It was a real family weekend interspersed with some good ‘me’ time.

We have decided we’ll probably book  a week there in August next year ,as it’s  definitely a spot we could go to and relax but also have enough to do with Daniel.


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