My Person

So Daniel has tonsillitis! Great timing with me being away in Durbs for my dad’s op.

He’s been spiking a temp for two days and today the crèche called me after his sleep and said ‘It’s 39.7 I think you need to see a Dr.

CUE: Sally Bates. She’s my BFF. I have a kinda funny relationship with Sal. She is my person (as in Meridith Grey and Christina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy) I have known her for years. And Sal pretty much knows everything about me. She was my bridesmaid at my wedding. She planned my baby shower and today, when I needed her she was THERE!

Daddy Abs was at a work function and because the Grannies live in Durbs and East London I had no one to call! So I called my person and as always she came to my rescue.

So I sms’d Dr James Essey from Fourways Intercare and as usual was blown away by this guy. I told him I was in DBN and Daniel has a temp that has spiked for three days. Could Sally bring him in? He replied within 3 minutes.’ Bring him in.’ And Sal did just that….. She is so like me and so sent me pics of the Ginger and a video of him in the waiting room. It made me feel better as if I was there…..

Then Dr Essey foned me to tell me: ‘Daniel has tonsillitis’ and what he‘s giving him. Who does that! He is the most caring Dr I’ve ever met!! A real find!!!

But then there this lady….my person…Who takes my little guy and looks after him as if he’s her own. And I get frustrated with her, cos like I’ve said it’s a funny dynamic. I know that I always come second to her family and that she’s demanding when there’s a crisis. She’s got funny quirks like her birthday being the biggest day of the year and celebrating Christmas even though she’s Jewish!! But when the chips are down, she’s there. She’s the one person you can call and she’ll drop anything she’s doing to be there and that’s something kinda special and one in a million. Those are the kinda friendships you hang onto.









3 comments on “My Person

  1. Jenty says:

    That’s one special friend that you have there!

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