Getting your Mo-Jo back

It’s incredible, when I was still pregnant with the Ginger I found everyone was an expert and advice was poured over me on a daily basis.

Some of it washed over me mainly because remember I was going to be “Mother Earth” and totally wax motherhood. So for the large part I totally ignored the advice.

There where however two things that I remember and that now looking back I realise were so true.

  1. It will take you a year to get your mo-jo back. – It is so true!! And because of the waxing motherhood belief, when I was told this I totally pooh poohed it. I was going to run comrades next year for goodness sake and of course I was going to wear a bikini with a flat stomach at Christmas. (when Daniel was 12 weeks old) And whilst I’m still sleep deprived and the Ginger is still keeping us up at night, it is only now (Daniel is 11mths) that I feel like I am getting my nose above the water level. It is only now that I feel like I’m regaining parts of my former self.
  2. You will have to let your standards drop – I refer to the statment above. I was NEVER going to let my standards drop. I would still manage to get to gym, cook dinner for Daddy Abs every night, the house would be clean and I would still have my nails manicured and my hair clean every day.

So looking back at the past year a few things have happened, mostly good stuff:

  • I’ve done more swipe- and- goes at Virgin in the past 11mths than I have in total since I joined through Discovery, just to keep my gym membership active!!
  • We upped our maid to twice a week so that our house didn’t look like Hiroshima hit it!
  • We eat takeaways at least twice a week
  • I now do PicknPay online shopping
  • I wash my hair every third day. So it goes something like this :

Day1: Hair down *pristine condition*


Day 2: Half up or fringe pinned up.

Day 3: Lots of hairspray involved and hair UP!!!


  • My nails are in pretty good nick 7 out of ten days. But the best is when I have red nails and one nail falls off ( I have acrylic) and then I have 9 red nails and one natural!!
  • (and now that the ginger is crawling) The floor is ALWAYS messy and I’m really OK with it. In actual fact I love it, because I love watching how the Ginger explores, even if it means pulling every dvd out of the TV cabinet

It’s amazing though. After year of fighting it, I’m actually ok with all of this……This year has been the most amazing leveler! It has taught me that I CANNOT control everything and I have learnt that its also ok to let your standards “drop”

I’m not saying I’m a changed women but I am ok with a little bit of chaos in my life and am realizing that things don’t always have to go my way and that it’s not always black and white.

I will say this, it’s good to have my MO-JO back and I will relax more with Baby #2 knowing that you do get it back, so will not stress so much when things are not in pristine condition!




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