Sleeping Training – Round one and I’m frazzled

I’m frazzled! I’ve just sat through 12 minutes of my son crying and I mean really crying. In fact…. *pause while I have a little cry myself*

Wow I didn’t think that would be that hard!

The last time we tried the sleeping training thing he was littler. He was not a little boy, with a ‘real’ boy cry he was still a baby, without a ‘ why- are- you- doing- this- to- me- mommy’ cry

But it’s all come to a head. Had a chat with Jacqui from Baby Love today and I’m seeing her on Monday to chat about Daniel’s diet, sleep and she’s convinced its behavioural. And we cant go on. Its been 11 months and I’m tired. I’m oh so tired……

It was so funny how defensive I was in on the phone. Defending my actions for not sleep training up until now. ‘ But my gut tells me he’s really got something wrong with his neck’ I said  ‘and he doesn’t soothe when I hold him, so surely if he was looking for comfort he’d soothe when I held him.’

But the truth is, I can’t confidently say that Daniel is really hurting. As per the cranio sacral therapist. Although we are still going on Friday for a session.

So of course I played all scenarios through all day and upon Daddy Abs’s entrance through the front door this evening I downloaded all my theories and we chatted about tonight being the night! (poor man didn’t even get to put his laptop bag down!)

We’ve chosen baby sense’s method 1 (page 89 of Sleep Sense) that’s the one where you stay with the baby. So tonight we place our hand on Daniel, and just say shhhhhhhh. Tomorrow we take the hand away and say shhhhhh. So he still sees and hears you, Then night 3 is just sitting next to him and night 4 is standing at the door. She reckons by night 5 he should self soothe!

I must say as usual our timing (as with most big decisions in our life) is impeccable! My poor in-laws are coming for the long weekend. I bet they’d just stay in EL if they knew the lack of sleep and screaming they were about to encounter!! It just makes the most sense cos of the long weekend. SO hopefully by Monday we should be on the up swing.

So wow, the first screaming match was hectic. Wish me luck cos I’m feeling a little week after Round one!


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