Today I lost a piece of my heart – RIP Kevin Wynne

I lost my uncle today. Heart attack., sudden……didn’t get to say goodbye and just like that I’ve lost a piece of my heart.

Kevin was the most amazing man. He, like my dad would do anything for you. There was never anything too much to ask. Whilst I feel lost that I’ve lost him, I’m comforted in that he’s joined his wife, the love of his life, Ester, who he lost suddenly  in 2010.

I will miss the sms conversations during the SA idols seasons, debating who would win. He response would always be: “you’re still my favourite idol”

They say God always picked the prettiest flowers first and today he’s gained the most kind-hearted gorgeous flower ever.

It’s sad tho, that something like this has to happen for you to cherish the loved ones you have, to tell them often just how much you love them.

It’s sad that something like this has to happen for you to gain such perspective on your life and what’s really important.

It’s a harsh reminder to not sweat the small stuff and rather to focus on the stuff that matters.

RIP ‘Soppies’ you will leave  a gaping hole in the Wynne clan and tonight I will drink a toast to you and fondly remember the impact you had on my life.

Much Luv

Lol xx


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2 comments on “Today I lost a piece of my heart – RIP Kevin Wynne

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  2. […] think also that I mourned those that have passed. I miss my dear Rozzie, I mourn for my brother, my Darling Soppies, who I miss do very much…..and I miss them, each in very different ways but miss them all the […]

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