Feed my soul

Today I was on a team strat session. We did story telling where everyone got to share a bit more about themselves. I was privileged to be a part of that and most importantly realised just how close we are as a team already. I’m very blessed to be in a team that is living my ‘everyday’ and REALLY gets it when I say I’m tired!

So this marks my second night ever away from the Ginger and whilst my heart broke when I skyped him this evening to say goodnight, I knew this was just what I needed.


You have to know how excited I am at the prospect of 8hrs of sleep that I took a photo of my bed!!!

This also describes how much a night away means to me.


Yet even tho I’m excited at the sleep prospect I’m reminded at how much my life has changed. It’s so profoundly different to what it was 10mths ago and as much I am loving these soft white pillows tonight I will miss the familiar comfortable shoulder blade of Daddy Abs as I snuggle up to him in bed and tomorrow I won’t get my morning melt-your-heart smile from the Ginger.

But tomorrow however I will be recharged and look forward to an awesome weekend just the 3 of us.


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