Ginger update-handing it over

We had a lovely weekend with my family in Durbs this weekend. Filled with highs and lows. The high of course was the ginger moving into the crawling world and also meeting my good friend Kirst’s little girl Tayla. Tayla was born on the 5th Sept and Dan is the 10th.

The medium (not high nor low) was figuring out from my sister’s testing that Daniel has high acidity in his body and that he is battling with something bone or muscular in his body. So we’ve started with a good probiotic, Epsom salts in the bath and A Vogel in the bottie at night. The telling sign however was when I tried to massage his glutes aka bum after his bath he really cried! Last night was a shocker of all shockers and I was up with him from 3:30, making it a super long day!!!

So where does leave us. Well we’re stil exhausted and with no solution.

So tuesday we had X-rays to rule out anything serious and as of this am (thurs) were still waiting on those results! (nice work Sandton hospital, your service sucks!!) Then yesterday we had another cranio sacral therapy session. Poor little guy cried so much but there was distinct improvement even from the beginning to the end of the session. We will go back in two weeks.

So did it work again last night? Well we did see improvement so I guess the answers is yes, but he is still waking up crying so I have a feeling that some sleep issues have developed.

We did however get the X-ray results and thank goodness there is an all clear….

So the next plan is to continue with the cranio and hope that there is a massive improvement.

Basically in a nutshell it is time to let it go admit ‘defeat’ and continue survival mode to get some sleep.

As my sis said to me yesterday, it’s a way of the big man upstairs testing and gently pushing you to hand it all over, so that’s where I am….. Handing it all over now. (very hard thing for this A type) but it has to be done!!


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