Daniel finally crawls

Nothing will wipe the grin off my face and each time I think about it I smile!

So after two months of teasing us Daniel started to crawl today.

My good friend Kirsten came to visit with Tayla who was born 5 days before Daniel. She’s been crawling since April and is really mobile. I wonder if that was the catalyst watching her, although all his other ‘girlfriends’ at creche crawl, because all of a sudden he did it.

Thanks to my iPhone ( that I love, even tho I vowed BB would be my life partner ) I managed to catch it.

Of course this was followed by a few tears, proud ones tho.

So the ginger finally did it and even tho I’m having another sleepless night, NOTHING is gonna wipe the proud smile off my dial for a while!!!
Daniel crawling


One comment on “Daniel finally crawls

  1. Jeanette says:

    Oh he’s too gorgeous!! Well done Daniel!!

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