Hi-ho Hi-ho its off to the ENT we go

So the Noink has not slept for about 5 months! To call it sleep deprivation would be an understatement….it’s rather like water in the Namib desert, IT DOESN’T EXIST!!

We’ve spent a large deal of money visiting our trusty paed, and then “Downgraded” due to financial constraints: to the most awesome GP Dr James Essey at Fourways Intercare. Dan has had a chest infection on and off for 5 months and in between months of teething and runny noses he has also had two ear infections. So it’s been really hard to treat the actual cause of the night wakings and because out little 10 month old is not quite talking just yet, we play the good old parenting guessing game and flit between Reflux, Teething, Tummy issue and ear infections.

FINALLY Daniel is not sick and a week ago I thought to myself, as I have thought many times over the past 5 months “maybe now he will start sleeping “ …..and then we had the pearler of Friday night where we got up for him 12 times!! (our average night is 7/8). It all starts aproximately 2 hours after he’s down and continues through to the early hours of the morning.

So we have an appointment with the ENT today and I’m really praying for an answer. I think it’s ears and Daddy Abs thinks Reflux so the jury’s out!!!

Part of me hopes that the ENT finds his ears are a mess and schedules him for grommets on Friday. Doesn’t that make me the most awful mother ever?!!?

The fact that I’m acutally hoping there is something wrong with Daniel, so we can finally find a solution and we can GET SOME SLEEP!! Its not that I want something to be wrong with Daniel, I jsut want a solution  because I just know that him waking and crying like he does is not right. Its that gut feeling that there is something wrong and it breaks my heart that all I can do is hold him when he cries and leave him to du du on my chest.

I just want my little Ginger to be as happy at night as he is during the day.

So will keep you posted. And will be purchasing lots of rescue remedy (for pre) and red wine (for post) if we are on for surgery on Friday!!!


One comment on “Hi-ho Hi-ho its off to the ENT we go

  1. […] I have wondered for a long time if its ears but a couple of months back we went to Dr Van der Nest and he said Daniel’s ears were fine. You can read about that saga here. […]

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