This child will eat anything!

Daniel makes me feel like a Masterchef! There is nothing this little guy wont eat.

By 5 months he was starting to really “eat me alive” and wolfing 200ml bottles….frequently!

So we made the decision that it was time to start him on Solids.

I was warned that I might receive a few weird faces and that I was not to take it too personally. However I never received the faces and instead he open his mouth for more.

We started on Butternut  and sweet potato and before long we were onto meat and all sorts of veg. His firm favourites  are Chicken livers and veg and of course Mommy’s Lamb, which he would inhale if I gave him the chance!

Now that there are some teeth present we have to be careful with finger foods like apple *choking hazzard*  but things like dried Mango pieces, rice cakes, rusks from Granny and biltong never get turned down.

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