Change is as good as a holiday….We need a holiday

So here we are…. new content, new things to say and in a new way!

I figured that along with all the other stuff I have to do , it would be a good idea to now write a blog to keep you updated on our lives 🙂

Jokes aside I had a long think about how pathetic I’ve been in keeping up with friends and family over the past year and half and saw that on average I was only keeping in touch twice a year. So I decided that this would be the best way to keep in touch and also update you on the going on of Rich, Myself and of course our newest (or now not so new) member our family….Daniel.

Plus it actually far easier to write more regularly that to try and sit and remember what we’ve done over the past 6 months (we’re THAT busy you know ;))

So here’s to Change….which is as good as holiday….which we also desperately need


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