Busy Weekend

This weekend was packed with stuff! And the best stuff was that is was packed with stuff that we dont usually do…..

On Friday evening we had our dinner club and for a change we did something really interesting. We managed to fit in with The Forum’s underground dinners, that are held once a month in Turbine Hall.

It was a set menu and the food was delicious. What a unique experience!

As usual it was a great evening and a chance to catch up with friends that we don’t see on a regular basis. It was also a double celebration in that Dave turned 32.

Saturday morning saw me pack myself off to the spa with my dear friend Zoe, where I indulged in a back massage, facial and pedi.

It was all over too quickly and my normal rushing paced resumed as we headed off to the Jozi Market for the Beer Fest.

Daniel was an angel and interacted with anybody that even looked his way. Then he collapsed in a heap for a 20 minutes to recharge when it all became too much.

Of course he was introduced to his first sip of beer, courtesy of Daddy Abs and was very put out when he was refused any more.

All in all is was a great day in the sun with friends and was really nice to do something out of the ordinary.


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