My first two toofies

So at the beginning of Feb, perfecty timed around my return to work, Daniel started to sleep really badly. As problem solvers aka parents we tried everything to get him to sleep and were up some nights 7 times a night! He was only 5 months, so whilst we had teething in the back of our minds he had no symptoms  other than the sleeplessness!

I had an overnight business trip scheduled on the 16th Feb so Rich was on parent duty that night. it was my first night away from Daniel since he was born so it was a biiiiig step for me. It was also Rich’s first night with Daniel all on his own and I think he was a little scared too 🙂  We both survived and  when we spoke in the  following morning he mentioned that he had had a relatively good night, and also announced  that Daniel had literally overnight popped out his first two toofies at just over 5 months!

Suddenly the sleepless nights became crystal clear……

We’re 6 teeth down (1/3 of the way)…….they couldnt come soon enough

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One comment on “My first two toofies

  1. […] into the whole working thing and our first milestone arrived in mid Feb with the appearance our first two toofies. This didn’t come without any bumps in the road and we were soon to find out Daniel is a SHOCKING […]

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